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Welcome to our new website and a little about our club!

Welcome to the new RCCC website. Its been a long time coming and the old one was very out of date.

We hope to keep this one more up to date.

A little about Roues Chaudes CC. The name means "Hot Wheels" and I suppose in some way this name reflects how seriously we don't take ourselves.

The club was formed in 2009 by a group of friends interested in creating a cycling club for the inner suburbs of Perth that provided not only a platform for members to race and get a racing licence, but also to get together socially. One of the challenges for cycling clubs is that by and large they don't have a club base. They don't have club facilities or club rooms and this can make building a club culture difficult. It is an issue we continue to struggle with but despite this the club has had good growth.

RCCC have just over 120 members all of whom have some sort of licence with Cycling Australia. The majority of our members hold racing licences in either the elite or masters categories and our percentage of women members sits at just over 30%. This is significantly higher than the Cycling Australia percentage which sits at around 14% and the WA average which sits at 22%.

Even if you don't want to race we encourage you to join through a recreational licence. This costs about $99 per year with the major benefit (other than being an RCCC member) being the personal accident and third party insurance coverage you receive via Cycling Australia.

One of the clubs objectives is to have membership gender balance at 50%. One of the simple things we do to achieve this is when we run a race we give equivalent opportunity in terms of grade availability to both men and women. So if we offer men's A / B / C and D grades we also offer these grades for women. This strategy has seen a steady and consistent increase in the number of women participating in bike racing over the last couple of years.

We also have a strong relationship with the "Cycling Development Foundation" and "The NicheLiving Women's Cycling Initiative" with the objective to grow women's participation and to provide a pathway to racing. If you are a woman interested in getting involved in cycling contact me at and I can point you in the right direction.

Well hopefully we can keep this website a little more current than our old one!

Enjoy the festive season and hopefully get out for a ride.

Merry Christmas,

Daniel o'Donoghue

President: Roues Chaudes Cycling Club

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