RCCC are pleased to say that our test event was a success and we plan to be back in the 2020/21 season with more twilight racing.


The format will be the same with Wednesday night racing with mixed grades with two or more grades on the circuit at once:

Registration opens at 5.30pm

C/D Women / D Grade / B Grade @ 6.00pm


C/D Women 25 Minutes + 1 Lap
D Grade: 30 Minutes + 1 Lap
B Grade: 35 Minutes + 1 Lap

C Grade / A Grade @ 6.40pm

C Grade: 30 Minutes + 1 Lap
A Grade: 40 Minutes + 1 Lap

Registration will be via:


Open / Masters: $25
U15 / U17: $15

No additional cost for line nominations but please register online to make it easy for us on the day.

Stay tuned for more details plus dates etc.

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