Roues Chaudes Cycling Club is a road cycling club based in Leederville, Western Australia. The club predominantly services cyclists in the inner northern snd western suburbs of Perth, but accepts members from any area.

The club was first incorporated in May 2009 and offers licensing and membership via affiliation to Cycling Australia. A number of members also participate in events held by West Coast Masters Cycling Council and

Australian Time Trials Association.

Roues Chaudes has an active racing membership but the club also encourages recreational and non-racing membership. A Cycling Australia Recreational Membership to RCCC costs around $100 per year and provides you with public liability and personal accident insurance whilst riding your bike (please consult the product disclosure statement for details). The cost of a racing membership varies based on age. 

RCCC also have a strong and growing level of Women's participation. Women make up 40% of the clubs membership, significantly higher than the state share of 22% and the national share of just over 12%.

If you want to join RCCC check out your Cycling Australia membership options at:

Alternatively send us an email using the "Contact Us" page on this site or come along to a bunch ride.

RCCC is also involved in a number of weekly training rides and has a busy racing calendar.

See the "Events" page for information on our latest event.